Genuine Fractals

Genuine Fractals Standard 6.0.7

Professional enlargement of images within Adobe CS5


  • Enlarge images to any size
  • Highly accurate enlargements
  • Integration with Adobe CS5 suite
  • Plenty of tutorials


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Aimed mainly at professionals

Very good

Enlarging and changing the scale of images requires powerful software to make it look professional.
Genuine Fractals Standard Edition is a powerful software for producing professional image enlargements.
It's designed specifically for use with images created in Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements and the latest version has been fully updated to make it compatible with the Adobe CS5 suite.

This means Genuine Fractals now features a new scaling technology, faster performance and a completely new user interface.
Genuine Fractals allows you to enlarge an image to any size or resolution you need but most importantly, it maintains fine image detail and eliminates what are known as "edge halos".
Cropping and resizing is simple and you can do it within Adobe Photoshop CS5.
The only downside of Genuine Fractals is that, although it's much simpler than most CS5 apps, its still not something that beginners will pick up quickly.
Fortunately, there are many tutorials on the developer page to help.
Genuine Fractals will help you produce accurate and unblemished enlargements and give you professional results.

Adds Photoshop CS5 compatibility.


  • Adds Photoshop CS5 compatibility.

For extraordinary image enlargements, Genuine Fractals Print Pro enables photographers and digital imaging professionals to create high-quality, print-ready enlargements of RGB and CMYK files.

Genuine Fractals


Genuine Fractals Standard 6.0.7

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